Sheebah’s bestie Kabako runs away from TNS

Energetic stage performer and singer Roden Y Kabako has become the latest singer to flee music label TNS.

The Ndeku singer allegedly left the label shortly after TNS’ main act ended her working relationship with Jeff Kiwa.

This revelation was brought to light by Diamond Oscar who recently got signed onto the label.

He is now currently under a new management.

“Roden Y Kabako left TNS (Team No Sleep) and he is no longer part of us but he currently has his new management team. TNS is owned by Jeff Kiwa and had artists like me, Sama Soja and Pinky,” Diamond Oscar revealed.

Kabako’s circumstances of quitting the label are yet to be established but it could be because of her friend Sheebah leaving.

The two are very good friends and Kabako revealed that he will always side with Sheebah and go with her just when she has quit the label.

TNS is now left with just three singers who are yet to even become a centre of musical focus.

These include the veteran singer Diamond Oscar, Sama Sojah and Rahmah Pinky.

Written by Aine Siggy

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