Mickie Wine reveals why he went to ‘enemy’ Bugingo’s church

Singer and brother to Bobi Wine, Mickie Wine has come out to reveal why he went to Pastor Aloysious Bugingo’s church.

The Sulubada headmaster faced backlash and ferocious criticism from the NUP diehards.

Some even dubbed him a mole and cursed him for dining with the enemies of his brother.

It should be recalled that Bugingo has overtime criticized Bobi Wine whenever he can and this has put him at logger heads with the NUP principle.

It was therefore a surprise to see his younger brother at Canaan land even dancing with Bugingo.

Mickie has however defended himself by saying that by the way his brother took ghetto to the parliament, he also did the same by taking the ghetto to church.

Mickie Wine revealed that he was invited by gospel singer Levixone to accompany him to the church.

“I wanted to take ghetto to church just the way Bobi took it to Parliament. Church people also needed to see someone from the ghetto who has become successful so they can get inspired. So Levixone called me and said that Bugingo invited him to his church. He told me there was going to be many people so it was going to be an opportunity for me to sing for them.”

“I sang for them and told them about my brother Bobi Wine and NUP. We have to represent the struggle wherever we go and those people needed to also hear our message,” he said.

The singer also added how he was surprised to be accorded a warm reception by Pastor Bugingo.

“I thought Bugingo wasn’t going to allow me to step on the stage even. You can abuse me on TV the but when we meet and you see how I’m a positive person, you change your mind,” Mickie Wine added.

He also said that he has never double crossed NUP as those who allege.

Written by Aine Siggy

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