We don’t delete here- Twitter unearthes Gen Muhoozi’s alleged vulgar tweet to Bobi Wine and Kakwenza Rukira

Social media is a place where you don’t do any mistakes regarding the content you post.

However much your quick to delete it, there will be someone who will have had a copy of your content and with many third party apps nowadays, its nolonger easy to go private or make any mistake via Social media.

Tweeps were able to uncover an alleged tweet that belongs to the first son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

In this alleged tweet, the General’s account was replying to Bobi Wine and author Kakwenza Rukira with some vulgar words.

The authenticity of the tweet is however unknown.

This is because anything can be edited and made to appear as true currently with different apps.

Muhoozi’s supporters took to wherever the tweet was to vilify it as being fake.

These added that this is NUP propaganda aimed at tarnishing the name and honor of their man.

The two camps have been embroiled in some dirty fights in the recent past.

We are however not sure of the authenticity of the tweet.

Written by Aine Siggy

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