TikToker Sammi Manini shares his success story

TikTok has become one of the most viral Apps globally and has surely created a number of famous people plus giving them opportunities to express their talents and make some money for themselves.

Uganda has some of the best TikTokers who have even gotten a chance to see their content aired globally and among these is Sammi Manini.

Sami has become popular without even having spent a lot of time on the app.

While appearing on NBS After 5 show, he revealed how he found fame in content creation on the app.

It was his sister who introduced him to the app since he had no knowledge about it.

He was afraid at first that it would ruin his career and family but his sister assured him that it wouldn’t.

They went ahead to post a few videos before his ‘Rions’ video went viral.

Sammi also revealed that he’s a married man despite his comics.

“I’m actually a married man and I even had no idea about TikTok till I invited my sister to live with us for the Christmas season. She then saw my videos in my phone and told me it would be good content for the app. I asked her if it wouldn’t affect my career and life but she assured me that it wouldn’t but would in fact make me more successful and we opened up one. We uploaded the first , second and the third video, it was my wife who called me. She told me that my in-law had seen my video and I was trending. They decided to push me because my content is clean,” Sammi narrated.

He also revealed how he came up with the Rions Video that went viral and made him popular.

He says that they were in Lake Mburo National Park but planned to go to Queen Elizabeth National Park to see Lions.

Their driver however told them that there are lions too in Lake Mburo yet they were only seeing Zebras.

Sammi then decided to joke around it by doing the video calling the zebras lions to show the driver that he had seen them and they were actually chasing him.

This video even got the attention of American singer Doja Cat who posted it on her Twitter page.

Written by Aine Siggy

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