Video: NBS TV’s MC Casmir caught red-handed chewing married woman

Uganda is full of drama and you can never get tired of being a Ugandan.

The latest is NBS presenter MC Casmir who was caught red handed pants down chewing a married woman.

According to a video making rounds on social media and the available info, Casmir is seen handcuffed together with the woman he was caught chewing.

Its said that the husband of the woman got tipped off about how his woman was giving out his goodies to the TV presenter.

He made his way to the scene and caught them after having enjoyed themselves several times.

This man decided to call the Police in order to take matters into his own hands after the two decided to hide.

Police arrived and the two were even recorded on camera.

Casmir was forced to apologize on camera after he confirmed that he had chewed this lady mercilessly.

A video from Mbu Ug is attached below.

Some people however such as Sheila Gashumba and Maurice Kirya have come to the defense of Casmir.

Kirya faulted the hotel that allowed the Police to arrest the two culprits.

He further said that the TV presenter was embarrassed for no reason.

Sheilah Gashumba on the other hand said that it was unnecessary to embarrass him.

Others however said that he deserved it because there are many single women he could have bedded instead of a married woman.

Written by Aine Siggy

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