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Here is what Gen Muhoozi said about Kakwenza Rukira’s torture

Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has finally come out to address the torture issues of author Kakwenza Rukira.

According to Muhoozi he has never met or interacted with Kakwenza at any one point in his life.

This is because he only got to know him after the media started writing about him.

It should be noted that Kakwenza revealed how he was gravelly tortured with Muhoozi too taking part in the torture games personally.

Kakwenza added that further Muhoozi gave him fancy positions and wealth which the author rejected plus ordering him no to expose his torture scars.

Muhoozi also said that he asked President Paul Kagame if Kakwenza was in Rwanda following reports that he had escaped Uganda via the country.

However, Kagame told his ‘nephew’ that Kakwenza is not there.

However according to sources Kakwenza escaped to Malawi.

These sources allege that he’s destined for Central Europe.

Opinion is divided however between the public on whether Muhoozi is telling the truth.

Some wondered why he had to ask Kagame if Kakwenza is in Rwanda if he doesn’t care about him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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