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Kakwenza Rukira Is In Malawi- This is How He Eacaped

As Ugandans security agencies are still in shock of how Kakwenza Rukira escaped the country to exile, he’s come out to give them a hint on how he left.

And boy oh boy, they were never going to catch him no matter what they would have used.

Kakwenza himself has come out to give a hint on how he made his maiden escape and although it’s a fairy tale, its worth a mention.

He took to his Twitter page to mock the Museveni family which has for long been calling itself ‘Abachwezi’, the ancient mythical demigods.

The author said that he’s actually a more superior Muchwezi since he made it out alive under their claws..

After snaking out of the country, the author has now resorted to threatening the government predicting it’s downfall.

Written by Aine Siggy

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