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Bruno K’s bride leaves the internet salivating after leaking her n#des

What would Uganda be without a little bit of perversion that our people in the limelight usually serve us with?

It’s one of the things that keeps us going even when the going gets tough, we always know that there is someone who will ‘nipple-melt’ it.

Nudes leaking on Ugandan social media is like a surprise festival that we all always devilishy wait for.

And guess now whose nudes found their way to the internet, it’s singer Bruno K’s ‘bride.’

She’s not actually his bride but she and the Faridah singer recently had social media thinking that the two had walked down the aisle.

It was actually a video shoot titled Leero Mbaga. This model who was the video vixen goes by the names of Rich Wife (Tyc Karma).

And boy oh boy make sure you don’t view these photos in public because they will leave you all messed up.

It actually seems a photoshoot but well not everyone managed to land their eyes on these appetizing copies.

So luck you are that you can save them direct to your gallery and sevice yourself.

Written by Aine Siggy

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