Pelting artists bottles is backward – Precious Remmie to fans

Spark Television presenter Precious Remmie has asked fans to stop throwing bottles at artists because it is backward.

This came after one artist Big Eye Starboss was pelted with bottles at the Galaxy FM concert. And that was not the first time since 2019, fans have always thrown bottles at him while performing.

According to Precious Remmie, it should stop because musicians put a lot of work in their music and they a chance to make money like performing on concerts.

Remmie added that promoters also should warn the public that if the throw bottles, the concert will be closed immediately.

“People pelting bottles at musicians should stop that habit, please let musicians work, put politics out of entertainment. I also think that the promoters should warn the public that if they throw bottles, the concert will be closed immediately, after all the revellers will have paid entrance fee, so promoters have no loss.”

It should be noted that Big Eye said he will start moving with security people for safety reasons.

Written by Aine Siggy

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