The whole truth about MC Casmir’s saga is here

This has been a tough week for the NBS TV Hitamaker presenter MC Casmir.

The TV personality was nabbed pants down with a married woman and video depicting his arrest was released on social media.

This has seen him trend especially on Twitter and raised a number of widespread reactions towards the whole saga.

However, according to the MC, all this that was released was stage managed to embarrass and humiliate him.

Casmir said that he knows the woman and she’s truly married. However, she’s in the process of separating with her husband.

They have been together gor about 2 months now and are in love.

However, the husband is jealous and doesn’t want to lose her. Its for this reason that he started following Casmir around.

On this eventful day, Casmir was done dropping her at her place when he was picked up by this man aided by Police Officers.

They took him to Police and put in jail before bringing the woman too.

Camsir was then taken to his place to conduct a search of his place for ‘evidence.’

All the meanwhile, the man was recording and Casmir just got a thought that the man was all about embarrassing him on social media.

He then decided to act politely by apologizing so that the man can take off the camera.

Besides, of the about 20 minute video this man recorded, he only cut out a short clip that wrongly emphasized that Casmir had had sex with the woman that very hour.

“The woman is truly married but she’s in the process of separating with her husband. I have known her for two months now and we are so close. This man has been tip-toeing me and on the fateful day he found me at a Supermarket with Police Officers and they arrested me. They then put me behind bars and the man started recording. After that I was taken to my place for a search,” Casmir said.

Casmir said that when the video circulated, the higher authorities in Police summoned all the officers involved in this ‘bogus’ case to Kiira Police.

These were told to release Casmir and the woman immediately because what they did is no crime but just an offense.

Casmir also added that he’s not leaving this woman alone.

This is because she’s beautiful like no other despite the social media criticism and she’s also hardworking.

But above all they are in love.

Written by Aine Siggy

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