War as God’s Plan and Rickman fight over Sheila Gashumba

Well well if there is any one who has had her fair share of relationships in the showbiz industry, it’s none other than socialite Sheila Gashumba.

The NBS After 5 presenter now has two men clashing over her.

This is her ex boyfriend Marcus Lwanga aka God’s Plan and her current boyfriend Rickman.

God’s Plan took to his Snapchat and revealed how Rickman was a beggar at his place some years ago.

He’s therfore surprised that her ex is dating a guy that once begged from him.

“Nigga used to come to my apartment to chill, drink and eat food,” God’s Plan posted in his Snapchat alongside Rickman’s photo.

When Tina Fierce, Sheila Gashumba’s enemy landed on the post she quickly and happily shared it via her Twitter page.

Rickman also hit out at God’s Plan saying that one has to either be having money or talent to maintain someone like Sheila Gashumba.

However if you have none like God’s Plan, then all you can converse about is throwbacks as other people are moving forward.

It should be recalled that after ending her on and off relationship with God’s Plan, Sheila Gashumba shortly started dating Rickman.

The two are now deep in love as God’s Plan slowly fades because the relationship with Sheila Gashumba is the only thing that made him trend

Written by Aine Siggy

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