Afande Kelekele on why he left Uganda for UK

Former Bukedde Television presenter and comedian Afade Kelekele has opened up on why he left Uganda for United Kingdom.

Afade Kelekele left Uganda in 2019 and since then he has never been seen around Kampala streets.

Despite all the rumors about his departure, Kelekele gave his genuine reasons to why he left. One of the reasons he mentioned was to go and look for better life and green pastures.

Kelekele said he used to over work while in Uganda and the money was little and on top that everything in Uganda is a struggle.

“I left Uganda to go and look for better life. I was over working while in Uganda and getting little money. Those who say I left because of comedy, its not true I left because life was hard in Uganda and I am now okay living the life of my dreams,” Afande Kelekele said

It should be noted that one time Afande Kelekele opened up about joining the gay community.

Written by Aine Siggy

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