What matters is who is chewing! Rickman hits back at critics in the Sheila Gashumba sexual network

After shocking revelations by Sheila Gashumba’s ex boyfriend God’s Plan that she has banged almost the entire Nigerian and Ugandan entertainment industry, her boyfriend Rickman has come out to hit back.

This is after trolls had him that he’s chewing from a community pit.

The singer said that what matters is who is currently chewing.

The number of those who might have chewed in the past is unnecessary.

“The number of those who chewed never matters, what matters is who is chewing you now,” Rickman tweeted.

This was after God’s Plan revealed that Sheila has been chewed by countless men.

He threatened to go ahead and expose her because he has career ending information about her and her current boyfriend Rickman.

Well well if all that the ex UK thug and convict said is true, then Sheila might have to be the brand influencer of PornHub in East and West Africa because boy oh boy, she’s had a heavy share of the egg plant for her age.

She’s currently the most trending topic on Twitter followed by her preys, Rickman and Eddy Kenzo.

Some tweeps even alleged that she slept with Eddy Kenzo to get Rickman a collabo with Eddy Kenzo which they released a few days ago titled Enjoyment.

Written by Aine Siggy

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