OMG: Bad Black reveals all that happened between Desire Luzinda and Bryan White

When Bad Black speaks, she always causes a stir and leaves heads turning because she always has controversial content to say.

The faded socialite took to her Instagram stories to expose the fake lifestyle lived by Ugandan socialites.

It was through this that she also spoke about another faded socialite Bryan White and ex singer Desire Luzinda.

According to Bad Black, she thinks it was Bryan White who took Desire Luzinda to USA and not Lwasa as it is alleged because the Masaka tycoon is broke.

“They said Lwasa took Desire in USA but I think Brian White did coz Lwasa is broke,” Bad Black wrote.

Bad Black made it a point to lecture all thse so called socialites who are actually scammers and broke.

She advised these to invest in real life businesses for backup in case things go wrong.

She also said that she’s grateful to Bryan White because he helped her a lot.

It was even him responsible for her comeback on the showbiz industry. She however used to advise him to do business but he refused thinking she doesn’t wish him well.

Bryan White invested a lot in her and turned her into a slay queen once again.

He however sent her her to live abroad and then started sleeping with every musician.

“Actually Bryan White helped me alot,he was the reason behind my comeback Bambi but I used to advise him and he thought I felt bad yet it was my experience with 4 million dollars.”

“He bought me a car, IPhone, 80,000$ turning me into a slay queen. He actually told me baby I don’t need you in Uganda, choose a country I said dear let me go to Malaysia.

When I went the ka man danced every musician oba he thought I was in love with him and would cause trouble.

All that money, no house no business but going into NRM.”

“Means in the women he danced there was one with bad omens who took all the money because I was there before the foundation of musicians. Oba who had bad luck in the women he f**ked? Let me do research,” Bad Black said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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