Sheilah Gashumba reveals who stole her between God’s Plan and Rickman

As the Sheilah Gashumba debacle about her with Rickman and God’s Plan drags on, the NBS After 5 presenter has come out to reveal further details on what actually happened.

While appearing on the NBS After 5 program that she co hosts, Sheilah said thay she first got to know Rickman before God’s Plan.

She therefore doesn’t know who stole her from who.

“I got to know Rickman before I got to know God’s Plan. It was the time he had released his Naki Naki song. I was still at NTV and a friend of mine called me saying there is this new hot kid from Sweden. We invited him to NTV and I found out he’s a cool guy. So I don’t know who stole me from who,” Sheilah Gashumba said.

She did not clarify whether Rickman had smashed her before God’s Plan.

However God’s Plan a few days ago accused Rickman of having been a beggar at his place.

From begging, he went ahead to steal his woman.

It seems Sheilah has really enjoyed lots of cassava just as God’s Plan alleged.

Maybe its high time she becomes the brand ambassador of PornHub.

Written by Aine Siggy

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