Video: You betrayed a dead body- NUP Deputy spokesperson embarrasses and undresses Minister Baryomunsi

Politicians nowadays have to be more prepared and firm before going for political shows that have people from different political parties.

This was the case with Minister Chris Baryomunsi as he got embarrassed and unearthed by NUP’s deputy spokesperson, Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro.

Mufumbiro told Baryomunsi that he’s nolonger surprised by what the Minister says which is full of lies, blackmail and betrayal.

Baryomunsi has of late been receiving backlash for defending the government torture on citizens yet at one time he opposed it.

According to Mufumbiro, someone like Baryomunsi who betrayed a dead body finds it so easy to betray the living.

It should be recalled that NBS journalist Moses Walugembe a few days ago came out to allege how Minister Baryomunsi clearly told them how the government had killed the late Butaleja woman MP Cerinah Nebanda.

This was a shocking revelation after the government had denied any wrongdoing in her death.

It was rather faulted on drugs such as heroin, cocaine and alcohol that were found in her bloodstream.

Citizens have however always raised mixed reactions on how the young MP died since she had become a government critic despite being pro NRM.

Baryomunsi at the time worked in Mulago and its said was the one entrusted in carrying out the postmortem.

Written by Aine Siggy

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