Kabako talks about quitting TNS and his land wrangles

Singer Roden Y Kabako while appearing on NBS TV’S KURT show with Tuff B explained whether he quit TNS or if he’s still in the label.

The singer for long has had rumors circulating on how he quit the label headed by Jeff Kiwa.

Kabako said that he will always be affiliated to the label but he’s nolonger there.

He added that he has a tendency of respecting his bosses and that’s why he doesn’t address the rumors.

Further he said, that it’s always good to leave without casung chaos because you could find yourself heading back to the same place in future.

In regards to his land wrangles that rocked the media a while ago, Kabako said that he decided to quit it because it nearly cost his life.

“I had to give up the land because it nearly cost my life. All I did was to sit down with Jeff Kiwa and forge a way forward because I even got hospitalized over this plot. I and my wife reached the limit and decided enough is enough,” Kabak said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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