What you didn’t know about Gravity Omutujju’s 22 years old Bujju

Dancer Tasha Woods commonly known as Bujju has explained more about her life that people didn’t know.

Bujju says she is 22 years of age and that’s one of the things Ugandans couldn’t believe because of her size.

According to Bujju, Ugandans think she grew up in a good life just because she looks pretty but life was hard for her.

Bujju said she has never seen or met her father, she only heard people talking about him that he is a live.

She said she grew up with a single mother who struggled to give her everything she needed through selling vegetables in the market.

“Growing up was a challenge. I have never seen my Father we only talked about him. I used to wake up very early at 4:00am to sell vegetables and later go to school,” Bujju said

Written by Aine Siggy

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