Full Figure speaks about Bobi Wine’s son Solomon Kampala drug possession and suspension at school

Presidential advisor Jennifer Full Figure real names Jennifer Nakugubi has spoken about Bobi Wine’s first son Solomon Kampala drug possession and suspension at school.

Last weeks, Solomon was trending on social media after it was alleged that he was suspended from school St Mary’s College Kasubi (SMACK) for possessing drugs.

According to Full Figure, people should be wise and go slow about this matter because no one has the official letter from schools regarding Solomon’s suspension.

Full Figure said and it its true Solomon was caught with drugs, he should be counseled by those concerned but not trolling him on social media by people who know nothing about him.

“Bobi Wine’s son Solomon doesn’t need social media trolling he needs counseling if its true he was caught red handed with drugs. I am a parent and I don’t think there is any parent who advises their children to use drugs. Solomon is still a young boy and I am sure Bobi Wine and Barbie are good parents they will advise,” Full Figure said

It should be noted that Full Figure and Bobi Wine are no longer friends because they now support different political parties.

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