Video: Ann Kansiime And Faridah Nakazibwe Ask Spice Diana If She’s W3t In Bed

What do you think ladies talk about when they meet? Business ideas, politics, sports none of that.

If you are guessing Telenovelas and men plus s#x you are absolutely right. And there is no category of women, at least all types of women will talk about getting smashed.

It was the case when Chipper Cash ambassadors Spice Diana, Faridah Nakazibwe and comeddine Ann Kansiime talked about when they met.

Ann and Faridah pinned the Body singer and asked her if she has water.

Spice pretended like she didn’t understand what they were asking about as she pulled out her Yaket water bottle.

She was however told that they mean natural water which generates hydro electricity.

Spice continued to play dumb but Faridah told her they mean Kilembe mines water.

The water that actually makes you lose control and make mushrooms to grow big.

Hehe yeah you can probably guess what water they meant and besides Spice Diana in one of her songs said she has Ugandan water which is clean and fresh.

So who do you think has the deepest waters amongst these three ladies, personally I think Faridah is a menace.

Watch Video Below:

Written by Aine Siggy

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