Abitex distances Geoffrey Lutaya’s flopped concert from politics

Events promoter Abbey Musinguzi commonly known as Abitex has distanced Geoffrey Lutaya’s flopped concert from politics.

Last weekend, Geoffrey had a concert at Labonita alongside Mariachi and Carol Nantongo but the turn up was so disappointing.

People had started connecting the flopped show to politics something Abitex trashed

According to Abitex, there are three reasons why the show flopped and politics is none of them. Abitex said the promoter of that concert didn’t do enough advertising, he chose the wrong date and fee was high.

“People should stop attaching Geoffrey Lutaya’s flopped show to politics. I think the problem was on the promoter. He chose the wrong date, the venues and the fee asked was too much. So people should stop putting in politics,” Abitex said

It wasn’t Geoffrey Lutaya’s show that flopped, even Zari’s pool party flopped.

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