For better for worse, Daxx Kartel assures Momo19 real love

Singer Sulaiman Sebunya also known as Daxx Kartel has assured her wife former BBS television presenter Momo19 true love.

The two have been having misunderstandings ever since they married each other in 2020.

Everything stirred up to the extent of divorcing but after some few months of silence the couple worked on their difference and got back together.

According to Daxx Kartel, their break up was a big lesson to them and it taught him to love Momo19 more.

“Momo19 is my wife and I will never show you another wife. It’s true we got misunderstanding but those were lessons to us as a couple and I think we are now stronger than we were. For better for worse, she is my wife and she knows I love her,” Daxx Kartel Said

Before their marriage, Momo19 and Daxx Kartel were in a relationship for more than five years.

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