Isma Olaxess questions Zari’s influence in Uganda

Social media blogger Isma Olaxess also known as Jajja Ichuli has come out to question socialite Zari the Boss lady influence in Uganda.

Last weekend, Zari had a pool shoe at Pearl of Africa Hotel but it didn’t go well as planned. A handful of people attended.

This is why Isma has come out to question her influence especially in Uganda.

According to Isma, Zari should now focus on charity works because Ugandans no longer take her as a celebrity who can influence them and that was seen through the flopped pool party.

” Zari’s influence faded away a long time, she should focus on charity works,” Isma Olaxess said

However, it should be noted that Zari denied organizing the party, she said she was only invited as a guest to host that party.

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