Ask for your children as your paying school fees – Prima Kardashi exposes ex Geosteady

Singer Hassan George Kigozi commonly known as Geosteady’s ex wife has continued to spill their family secrets.

Geosteady and Prima separated on 2019 and both of them moved on with new relationships.

However, since they separated, Geosteady claims that he has never had access to his two children and every time he wants to see them he is denied.

Prima couldn’t stand statements made by Geosteady about their daughters. She came out in a Facebook live responding to Geosteady.

According to Prima, Geosteady never provides for the children, not even food or clothes. Prima said if he wants to see them, he should first full fill his responsibilities as a father.

“I have never denied Geosteady access to his children. I want my children to have a relationship with their father but the father is not willing. He even fears to ask for them because he knows he does not give them anything,” Prima said.

Here is the video:

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