Did Iryn Namubiru send her mother to prison? All the details here

We all think that mothers are an absolute blessing in our lives and most times they are our angels on earth. Some of us can’t actually live without them and we can’t imagine anything bad happening to them. In fact we would go to war for them but sadly for songstress Iryn Namubiru, she can’t say the same about her mother Justine Nyanzi Namawejje.

The two for a number of years have been embroiled in a land dispute that has seen them look like a 9 and a 6.

This stems from an acre of land that was allegedly given to Iryn Namubiru by her grandfather Godfrey Nyanzi Ssemitego.

This was however a verbal agreement between the Nkuweeki singer and her grandpa plus her other brother Roberto Nsimbe Ezau.

Namubiru’s mother however decided to take over this piece of land which saw the two face off and even end up in courts of law.

However according to the songstress, her mother has been soiling her name about how she kicked her behind bars.

Namubiru says that she’s never locked up her mother behind bars. The singer also said that she’s never filed any lawsuit against her mother in any court contrary to what she is spreading.

The singer also added that she’s been silent about her mother for about 20 years in order to keep her dignity.

It however seems this time round, she will have to toughen up to defend herself from her own mother.

“And NO! I have not put my MOTHER in Prison SHE IS NOT and HAS NOT BEEN IN PRISON over the last few days , Just like I have never filed any case against her in COURT as she is alarming everybody now. I have not and have never. This has got to Stop!”, she said.

These however last year were involved last year in court in Mityana over the same land case with Iryn Namubiru saying that she was living in fear of her life because of her own mother over this same land.

Namubiru has her auntie Brenda Nyanzi Kigema her mother’s sister on her side who supports her claim. Hopefully these will settle their disputes amicably and live harmoniously.

Written by Aine Siggy

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