If you need child support call/text me – Geosteady responds to ex wife

Singer George Kigozi also known as Geosteady has responded to his ex wife’s Prima Kardashi claims about child neglect and denial of support.

Prima and Geosteady separated in 2019 for the reasons that they didn’t disclose to the public but since then they have been have difficult in co-parenting.

Through social media, Prima claimed that Geosteady doesn’t look after their children and therefore he has no reason to see them.

Geosteady has come to say that the problem is not about child support but their mother’s too much talking because she one day said that children are not his.

Geosteady said if she needs child support, she should call or text him.

“Again I say: You said in my face those kids ain’t mine that even if they die I shouldn’t come for burial ( I have the recordings ) despite I’ve never done a DNA test for them and I guess you were right. If you need support call/text and if you don’t want stay in your happy life. Stop using media and stop fighting my brand at least I’ve done so much bad but the good has also added value to you. The problem isn’t the Kids, it isn’t the support but it’s with you talking too much.

Happy Women’s Day!!!”

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