Naira Ali exposes media personalities who ask female artists sex to play their songs

Vacak artist Naira Ali has exposed Uganda’s media personalities who ask female artists sex in order to play their songs.

Before Naira Ali moved outside Uganda she was known as one of the quiet and humble female artists who used to dress in descent clothes.

But ever since she left, she posts photos of her in short clothes something she terms as Fashion.

Before, she had hint on artists who pay media houses to subotage her music but this time around she has opened war on male media personalities.

Through her social media platforms, radio presenter Dikteta Mark, DJ Jacob Omutuuze and Dj Nick are the people that ask for sex

“Nsasira omwana omuwala ayagala oku joininga music industry,hoo! Kubano ba Dikteta Mark ba Djjacob Omutuuze ne ba Dj Nick of this industry,they will chew you for free.bali balisibwa!
Lero mwalinye yamajje,munvuma mutya obumpi ne nempumi! ??” Naira Ali posted

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