No need of a nanny – Cindy Sanyu shares Beautiful moments of her 10 yrs old daughter babysitting the young sister

Singer Cindy Sanyu is a happy mother of two daughters as she sees them grow together.

Cindy got married in the past few months and after her wedding she gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

Since she gave birth, she has not been seen on any stage performing but she is serving her fans with beautiful moments of mother her social media platforms.

Cindy shared photos of her 10 years old daughter having great moments with her 1 month old sister so that their mum can take a nap.

According to Cindy, this has helped her a lot in that she does not need to have a nanny because the 10 years old daughter is doing it for her.

Who needs a nanny when you have a first born? Now my 10yr old can help baby sit my one month old as I take a nap. Motherhood isn’t easy especially in these first months.
Guess what diapers I am using.

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