Photos: Lynda Ddane and Etania Mutoni reunite after rumors of feud

Word has been making rounds on social media about how NTV’s two hottest female presenters Lynda Ddane and Etania Mutoni are at loggerheads.

It was reported that when Etania filled up for Lynda Ddane on Da Beat Show after she had traveled to South Africa, Etania started backbiting Lynda.

Etania even wanted Lynda sacked. These rumors were first leaked by Ssenga Acid through her Snapchat as she alleged that Etania wanted to take up Lynda’s spot.

Lynda through Dembe FM presenter Kasuku’s YouTube channel said that she had only met Etania once in her life.

She therefore wondered why Etania hated her so much and wanted her fired.

The two however seem to have patched up their differences as they were spotted together in photos released online on Women’s day.

These were all smiles alongside their fellow presenter Tinah Tessie.

It’s said that the NTV management had to intervene to patch up the differences between two of their sexiest presenters.

Written by Aine Siggy

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