Video: Sheebah’s a$$ escapes from costume as she performs on stage

There is no absolute doubt that Sheebah Karungi is an absolute menace on stage.

One of the most energetic performers of her generation in the country.

The Nakyuka singer always pushes herself to the limit to give her fans and revellers the worth of their money.

Be it revealing cloth, rubbing it on the fan or baring it all, Sheebah will always brew fire on stage because it’s what her profession demands of her.

During yesterday’s performance at Comedy Store, the songstress gave the revellers extra entertainment as her a$$ cheeks escaped from the costume she was putting on.

This was while performing her collabo with Crysto Panda Kyoyina Omanya.

Sheebah had to cup it up and return it into the costume much to the ululation of fans.

Not like we are surprised by this after the numerous erotic and X rated performances the queen karma had given us over the years.

Watch Video Below:

Written by Aine Siggy

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