Real reason Geosteady left Prima Kardashi unearthed

Singer Geosteady and his ex wife and baby mama Prima Kardashi have owned the headlines for this past week.

The two have been involved in a bitter war on social media in regards to child support towards their two daughters Sorayah and Solange.

The Viola singer came out to accuse Prima of denying him access to the kids.

Prima in return said she had no reason to show the kids to him when he avails no help to them.

The singer then said that Prima told him the kids weren’t his and besides she knows how to find him in case she wants help.

However, at one time the singer highlighted how men are victims of domestic violence a thing that is rarely given much attention.

Prima was asked during a local TV interview whether she used to beat up Geosteady and she said at times she used to.

“Me I slap you once in a while with a few good slaps if you start acting stupid. I don’t tolerate nonsense,” she said.

Hard to believe that someone like Geosteady can be beaten by Prima unless he always tried to act a gentleman and biblical by turning the other cheek.

In regards to the paternity of the kids, Prima said that the father of the kids knows himself and there will be no DNA done on them.

Written by Aine Siggy

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