VIDEO: Bindeba’s alleged baby mama curses Precious Remmie

There’s fire in the Benedict Mubangizi also known as Bindeeba Raymond family house.

Akum Sophia who is alleged to be Bindeeba’s baby mama had a child with him thirteen years ago.

Being Precious Remmie’s new lover, when the news broke out, she asked for the DNA results from the woman so that she can take on responsibilities.

However, Sophia said the child belongs to the Mubangizi family since she confirmed it after she and the brother to Bindeeba did a DNA test that confirmed this.

When Sophia came out asking for help, Mama Phina pledged to pay school fees for her child but it looks like Precious Remmie stopped her to do so.

According to Sophia in the video Making rounds on social media, Precious Remmie is a bad person because she doesn’t want her daughter to get anything.

Akum cursed Remmie saying whatever she is doing to stop her daughter’s blessing will be done to her or her children.

Sophia said she is willing to do a DNA test like Precious Remmie asked so that her child gets school fees.

Here is the video:

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