Lumbuye alleges Canary Mugume and Andrew Mwenda want to murder NTV journalist Andrew Kyamagero

Controversial NUP social media propagandist Fred Lumbuye has come out to allege how NBS journalist Canary Mugume and veteran senior journalist Andrew Mwenda are plotting to murder NTV news anchor Andrew Kyamagero.

Lumbuye who usually spits venom and propaganda that is usually damaging said that Mwenda and Canary are state operators who were given a mission to kill all journalists that report truthful news.

According to Lumbuye, Canary Mugume and Andrew Mwenda were behind the death of Spanish Associated Press journalists Sumy Carrasco.

“Canary Mugume and Andrew Mwenda work for the state and they have been given a mission to kill all journalists who report the truth. They are the ones behind the death of the Spanish journalist and now their second Target is NTV Ugandaโ€™s Andrew Kyamagero. Kyamagero Iโ€™m warning you when itโ€™s still early, be careful,โ€ Lumbuye alleged.

The motor mouthed Lumbuye also said that Canary Mugume is gay and has been a partner to Miracle centre cathedral lead pastor, Robert Kayanja.

He further alleged that Canary’s marriage to Sasha Ferguson was staged.

“Canary started dating with pastor Kayanja years ago when he was working at Channel 44. Their relationship made the news that even Jessica Kayanja got to know about it. He was then sent abroad to study how to mix poison and from there Kayanja connected him to NBS. They bought him a house on Entebbe road, car and started for him a shop in town dealing in shoes.

His marriage with Sasha was staged because her mother is Rosemary Kisembo who is also a friend on Kayanja and he connected her to her current job as the head of NIRA. So they made sure that Canary and Sasha got married to lie to the public but the former is gay,โ€ Lumbuye further alleged.

Written by Aine Siggy

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