Kluthum Muzaata opens up on family hardships after Muzaata’s death

Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s widow Dr. Kuluthum Muzaata has opened up on what she went through after her husband’s death.

Muzaata died in 2020 but after his death so many family issues were brought up especially fighting for property he left behind.

In an interview with a local television, Kuluthum revealed that those were hard times for her because she didn’t know anything about property distribution.

Kuluthum said she almost murdered herself but her brother consoled her not to leave her son as an orphan

“I almost took my own life because i felt i couldn’t stand the grief after Sheikh’s death. I wanted to throw myself into a speeding car but my brother counseled me. He told me not to leave my child as an orphan,” Dr. Kuluthum said

According to Kuluthum, getting married at a young age, she didn’t know anything about her co-wife and owning any property, everything came up after their husband’s death.

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