Dre Cali and Ykee Benda part ways

It seems like Mpaka Records two biggest artists Ykee Benda and Dre Cali have parted ways and no longer work together.

This was said by Sanyuka TV’s Uncut show presenter Isaac Kawalya aka Kaiyz. It’s the reason that music has reduced on Dre Cali’s side.

It’s said that Dre Cali quit the label but the reasons as to why he left are not yet clear.

The two singers have been so close and Ykee Benda was so pivotal in the rise of Dre Cali.

All the Ekifuba singer’s hit songs have been recorded in Mpaka records and the Farma singer always made sure to support Dre in all ways.

Benda reached to a point of pushing Dre Cali’s songs more than his and has been super proud about his affiliate’s immense talent.

We shall keep you posted about the details of this alleged break up.

Written by Aine Siggy

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