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Kenya’s Eric Omondi chains himself on Nairobi streets fighting for youth’s freedom

Kenya’s number one Comedian is also a freedom fighter when it comes to the youth.

Eric Omondi took it to his Instagram posting photos of himself in chains moving on Nairobi streets as a way of fighting.

In his post he said he will pronounce the way forward for every young person in six days.

“In six (6) days, I will pronounce the way forward for every young person”, Comedian Eric Omondi said

Omondi said the chains of independence are still making life very difficult for the youth.

“We have been used, abused and misused for generations by the political class, and I say enough is enough! We have to break free! We have the power! We have the vote!!! We have the strength!” Eric wrote.

This is becoming common in Africa where entertainers are now taking charge to fight for their fans because their voices are heard very fast.

In Uganda, Bobi Wine did the same by joining active politics.

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