Video: Comical Apass Finally and unbelievably shows reason he goes to gym

Of lately singer Alexander Bagonza has been flocking the gym in order to put on some muscle.

Contrary to what most people would expect the Wuyo singer to be doing grinding and sweating under the bar, it seems otherwise for Apass who seems to take his comedy almost everywhere he goes.

Apass has now revealed the real reason he goes to the gym. And I’m sure most of you have already guessed the answer.

Its two way and the major reason why both women and men go there. To see beefy sexy girls in skimpy tantalizing outfits and for the women to look at the muscled men with abs.

Apass posted a video of a certain lady working on her garden of eden and vowed never to stop gyming and will even be the one going their fast.

Watch video below:-

Written by Aine Siggy

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