VIDEO: Isma Olaxess blasts Bobi Wine for defending son over use of drugs at school

Isma Olaxess commonly known as Jajja Iculi1 has come out and blasted the National Unity Platform head Bobi Wine.

This came after Bobi Wine claimed that his son was victimised when he was apparently suspended from St. Mary’s College Kisubi (SMACK) for smoking Marijuana.

Isma had no kind words for Bobj Wine saying that first of all Kampala had no business beng in SMACK because he didn’t get the required points but bought a place anyway.

Isma Olaxes went on to body shame Bobi Wine’s children for having small eyes, those he termed as “Small slit Japanese eyes” because he always was high when he was making love to Barbie Kyagulanyi his wife.

Olaxess stressed that the only business Bobi Wine ‘s children have in schools like SMACK is to vend marijuana and nothing else.


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