Audio: Lwasa spits fire as he addresses wife’s infidelity

Masaka based city tycoon finally came out to address his wife’s infidelity.

Lwasa’s wife Angel Kwakunda was caught red handed kissing another man in public as if she’s single.

The man who she was caught with is known as Abdul Kamulegeya who formerly worked with Bukedde TV on the Wujjala program.

Lwasa in a phone interview said that his wife had a lot of rural urban excitement which he couldn’t get out of her.

All the things she fell in were new to her and when she saw money she became uncontrollable.

Lwasa advised her to stay away from him and his property. He also said that she can go in peace and he will marry another one.

“She was too local (maalo), and it was difficult to pry that village away from her. For the first time in her life, she saw money and everything. Because of the excitement, she was completely uncontrollable.

But at least she cooked for a full year, that’s enough, she can now go, I’ll get another one,” he said.

Meanwhile a close friend said that she’s processing papers to move to Dubai in order to start a new life.

Her sole goal of getting married to Lwasa was to get money from him and start a new life because she was so broke by the time she met him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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