Cause of Speaker of Parliament Hon Jacob Oulanyah’s death revealed

Uganda is still in shock about the death of the Speaker of Parliament Hon Jacob Oulanyah who passed away yesterday in Seattle US.

Oulanyah was taken to the US for specialized advanced treatment back in February after the intervention of President Museveni.

Death rumors had started a few days ago including his Wikipedia page showing that he had passed away.

Government however came out to trash the allegations and even launched a hunt for those who were spreading the fake rumors.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon Anita Among, DP president Nobert Mao and the CJ Alphonse Owiny-Dollo went to the US to pay him a visit and assured the country that whereas he would be fine, he needed serious and urgent prayers.

The Omolo County MP however breathed his last yesterday and tributes have been coming in after the President broke the news.

It’s not yet clear on what killed him but rumor has it that he succumbed to cancer of the colon. This was in it’s stage four which is deadly and highly irreversible.

Oulanyah’s father Nathan Okori however said that his son was poisoned and this was not a natural death as quoted by Daily Monitor.

“I know all of you who have come here are mourners. His (Oulanyah’s) death is not easy news to welcome because I know he did not die of natural causes, he was poisoned,” Mr Okori told handful mourners at their ancestral home in Omoro District.

The Minister of information Dr Chris Baryomunsi however trashed these allegations.

 “Ignore that information [poisoning claims]. The post-mortem report will be released and the government will give out a statement.”

Oulanyah’s father however maintained that he’s very sure his son was murdered adding that his son’s funeral should not be politicized.

“I don’t want somebody to bring their politics here,” Mr Okori said yesterday in Omoro.
 “I know very well that he was poisoned, and whatever somebody will say tomorrow should not distort the information we now have.”

He however didn’t reveal who could have been behind the plot to kill his son.

Mr Okori also said that Oulanyah’s sickness became visible after he was elected the Speaker of the 11th Parliament last year in May in a tightly contested race against Rebecca Kadaga.

Written by Aine Siggy

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