Video: Ghanaian female singer dips phone in her kitty as she shows hubby her forbidden kingdom

It’s no doubt that social media changed a lot of things. Forget when one had to be in a long distance relationship but couldn’t see their partners for long.

Nowadays one can even see the foodies he’s going to chop before even getting to the arena.

Ghanaian singer Stephanie Benson didn’t shy away from putting her phone into her kitty to show her husband John Benson what he’s missing.

She took her phone straight to her forbidden fruit and showed it to her husband who can be heard laughing in a h0rny way.

Stephanie who is 51 years old having been born in 1970 is surely still a hot property gauging by her looks.

Watch video below:

Below is one of her songs for those that have no idea about who she is.

Written by Aine Siggy

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