Video: Ugandan pastor reports women who come pantyless in his church to God

Hahaha, crazy how social media has kept us updated with things we would never have known that they exist which at times go a long way in curing our distress.

Well a certain pastor in Kampala during a sermon made it personal to report women that come pantyless in his church to God.

This pastor said that these women have contributed to increased sexual immorality because of walking without undies.

He further added that some were even in his church and whenever they dance go down, they show their cookies to other church members which distorts the brother’s minds.

The pastor pleaded with God to talk and counsel all women who don’t want to wear knickers.

Then he said he prayed for all knicker-less women and all those who sell them to get back in business and sell these panties because going to church pantyless has become a common phenomenon in his church.

Please sisters behave and don’t make the men of God trip into sin.

Written by Aine Siggy

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