Fille hints at having more kids with MC Kats

Despite having bitterly broken up a few years ago, singer Fille Mutoni is back in working terms with NBS TV presenter MC Kats thanks to their daughter Abbie.

Now singer Fille has come out to give a hint that she could get back together with Kats.

This was after she was questioned why Kats is more into promoting her music of lately.

Fille says that the reason Kats is helping her out is not because they are back together, it’s rather for their child/children.

“Kats helps me out to push my music and brand because he knows that it will benefit our child/children,” the singer said.

The two clearly have one daughter together and there is no reason why the Essawa Yonna singer would have said children if there isn’t anything the two are planning beyond music.

Fille also a while ago at a performance on MC Kats’ show said that she’s the absolute woman for Kats and there is no one who will ever take her place in the heart of the self styled king of the mic.

Besides Fille also said that there is pretense and the truth in regards to MC Kats social media activity in regards to Caroline Marcah who she claimed not to know.

Sanyuka TV’s Kaiyz asked Fille why Kats is always so happy, free and fresh when he’s with her than with Caroline Marcah as he shows through his social media pages.

Fille said “there is always always a clear difference between pretense and truth, so I’m glad that you noticed the truth.”

The two seem closer of lately and recently celebrated their daughter’s 7th birthday together.

Written by Aine Siggy

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