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VIDEO: Hon Jacob Oulanyah’s mother in law bitterly spills all his dirty secrets

The late speaker of Parliament Rt Hon Jacob Oulanyah’s mother in law Hon Okot Santa woman Member of Parliament for Aruu district has spilled all his dirty secrets.

Hon Jacob Oulanyah married Okot’s daughter in 2013 and later divorced her in 2016 and the two had two daughters together.

In a press conference, Hon Okot said since Jacob Oulanyah divorced her daughter, he has never looked after his two children not even talking to them as the father.

Okot said Hon Jacob Oulanyah portrayed a nice picture in the public but he was never nice and that’s why she us speaking the bad side of him after his death.

Being an Acholi, Okot said Oulanyah didn’t take any responsibility as a father in the life of his children.

“I am Okot Santa the woman MP for Aruu district and the late Jacob Oulanyah’s mother in law. I know when people are dead they don’t speak bad things about them but Mr am going to speak. Oulanyah has not been taking care of his children ever since he divorced my daughter. And you know in our culture even if you divorce you keep looking after the children but Oulanyah didn’t. His two children with my daughter will come and burry him and again leave to the USA where they have been staying with their mother,” Okot said.

Here is the video:

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