Video: Ladies and gentlemen(Keem Love) attacks Etania over Zari over death rumors

Man and woman or two in one socialite Keem Love has taken to a video to attack and ‘expose’ NTV presenter Etania Mutoni over Zari.

This was after Etania referred to Zari as a low life ghetto dweller. Etania made the comments after the airing of the Young, Famous and African show on Netflix that’s currently on-going.

On her Snapchat Etania wondered why Zari refers to herself as a high classy urban queen yet she acts like a low life ghetto queen.

This did not please Keem Love who is a Zari die-hard. She took to social media to send a video attacking Etania and telling her to lie low like an envelope.

She reminded the NTV presenter about how she faked her death and had most of them believe that she had died.

Keem Love who refers to herself as a grown woman despite clearly being a man further added that they resorted to looking for condolences to bring back Etania’s body and none of them had time to cry for her.

They however were surprised to see her return well and alive. Other social media users also attacked Etania and told her to learn her place because Zari is not her level.

Written by Aine Siggy

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