Nince Henry showers praises on Sheilah Gashumba

Singer and music writer Nince Henry has showered NBS Television presenter and social media influencer Sheilah Gashumba with praises.

Sheilah Gashumba has now embarked on managing artists starting with her boyfriend Rickman Manrick.

Nince Henry didn’t disclose the main reason why he praised Sheilah Gashumba but in his social media post he requested Frank Gashumba to buy a lot of land because he has a nice daughter and day she will be gifted with an aeroplane.

We have not seen Sheilah Gashumba hangout with Nince Henry but according to his post they are good friends.

“My friend @FrankGashumba you should buy a lot of land. Cse you gonna wake up one day nga your daughter has been given an airplane wezimbile airport! That girl is such a nice person with all that defines great fullness. She’s bound to be loved and given,” Nince Henry said

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