Hon Jacob Oulanyah’s burial budget will encourage so many young people to work hard for such respect – Isma Olaxess

National Resistance Movement (NRM) blogger Isma Tusubira also known as Isma Olaxess has revealed that Hon Jacob Oulanyah’s alarming burial budget is very necessary.

The late Hon Jacob Oulanyah’s burial is set to cost 2.5 billion shillings.

Although this has raised a lot of concerns to Ugandans wondering why all this money is spent on only one person, Isma Olaxess has come to say it is in inspiration to young people especially those in school.

According to Isma who had an interview with Urban Television, Ugandans need to know that if you serve your country very well, you will be honored even when die and the country will not mind spending lot of money on you.

“We have to inspire all those in line of education. The speaker’s burial budget will encourage so many young people in school to work hard for such respect. Ugandans need to know serving their country is very good and worth being celebrated even when dead,” Isma Olaxess said.

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