Shocking photos show Lydia Jazmine deeply kissing Lynda Ddane

Wow wow what a loss this could be to the male species in case this is true.

A photo that has been making rounds on social media showing TV personality Lynda Ddane kissing songstress Lydia Jazmine has caused quite a stir.

The two beautiful ladies are seen embroiled in a tight embrace. This is not just it, their lips are locked against each other’s as they enjoy a deep passionate kiss.

This can’t be a friendly kiss or peck but rather a romantic one. It’s not yet clear if the two ladies are lesbians or if it was just for the moment.

Lydia Jazmine despite being around the scene for close to a decade has never showed off her man. She’s been rumored to have been chewed by a number of men especially fellow musicians such as Fik Fameica, Grenade Official, Rabadaba among others.

For the case of Lynda Ddane, the sexy and curvaceous NTV presenter has always left men melting in their trousers but has also never showed off her man.

Hopefully this is not true because it would break thousands of hearts.

Written by Aine Siggy

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