Video: Bobi Wine’s 5 year old daughter Ssubi narrates how Will Smith slapped Chris Rock to her father

Children are really a gift from God and are such darlings to have around.
Despite their constant annoyances, they have their glorious moments and will always put a smile on your face one way or another.

Bobi Wine’s youngest daughter Ssubi became the VJ Jjingo of the incident that happened at the just concluded Oscars where Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock on live television.

This was after Rock made a joke directed at Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s wife’s health condition.

According to Ssubi, it was not right for Will Smith to slap Chris Rock and at the same time it wasn’t right for Rock to make fun of Jada.

When her father questioned her if she would be okay with anyone making fun of her mother, Barbie Kyagulanyi in front of Bobi Wine, Ssubi hilariously said that the person would be dead even before the joke ends.

Bobi Wine proceeded to ask her which side she then falls on.

The little adorable girl said that Will Smith would have waited for live TV to go off and attack Rock.

Besides Will Smith could have called Chris Rock’s mother and have him beaten.

Written by Aine Siggy

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