Video: Gravity Omutujju almost gets choked by his dancer

Singer Gravity Omutujju is truly one of the most booked artists at the time. It’s fair to say that the singer knows his audience and is good at strategizing.

Just as the lockdown got lifted even on entertainment centres, the singer released some bangers such as Tusimbudde, Big Boys to compliment his earlier songs.

These have seen him bag lots of performances around the country and he makes sure to move with his dancer Bujju aka Elephant dancer.

The two have done some crazy things together and this was the case at a recent performance.

Gravity attempted to lift and dry hump her but she was too heavy for him and the two ended up on ground much to the appeasement of the fans.

This dancer will be the end of Gravity some day.

Watch video below:

Written by Aine Siggy

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